Monday, January 5, 2009

Bob Dole: Great Political Wit

Bob Dole: Great Political Wit

For those of you who think Bob Dole is stuffy and unfunny, read this book. It is an easy read at 190 pages - much of it being quotes and stories. I finished it in about 2 hours. It was hilarious.

He split the book up into "subtopics" around which various political arguments are made. Then he tells funny stories from his life, or that have been related to him, or that he found through study, about those issues. They are really great, and show that people in politics do have a sense of humor, even if they seem dry.

I would recommend this book as a present to anyone who is a political junkie, politics student, or otherwise involved in government. It is a fun read, and Bob Dole presents many different sides of various politicians. Many of the stories are about past Presidents and First Ladies. Abigail Adams, Barbara Bush and Nancy Regan are all included. Presidents Clinton, Ford, Coolidge, Truman and FDR are also included.

It is simply a fun, easy read. Nothing intense about it.

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